Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Good News

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity.

We are down to five hens. Two baby roos were picked on so badly by the other birds that they died. First lesson Lindsay learned about chickens: as soon as a chicken sees blood, it will continue to peck at it until there is nothing left. I'm not kidding. I'm sorry for the gruesome picture, but it's true. We lost two hens to that, too. OH! and we ate our big rooster. He was harassing the girls so much that they wouldn't lay. He was the toughest bird I have met, but he made a great soup! I even hand made the noodles... Next time I will try to remember to post photos of the process! The good news: we have laying chickens we get about three a day, sometimes less. AND the chickens let my daughter pet them! It's really cute.

After the chickens came ducks. Our little ducklings were so cute. Yes I said "were." Between our dogs, the coyotes and the racoons, we have one left. Her name is Dorcus. She is quite the survivor. She doesn't ever go to the pen that we made for the ducks. Now she roosts on our camper and on the deck. My only complaint is the amount of poop that I have to avoid to get to my front door. The good news: I haven't seen any slugs lately, AND my son's first official word was "duck!"

I had surgery in September. While I was at my parents home in Idaho recovering, my husband got bunnies. Barnabas is the buck. We haven't really named the girls yet. My husbands plan is to use them for meat! We will breed the ones we have and then eat the babies! I'm not sure I am down with this plan. The good news: no more back and neck pain!

We have been back and forth on how to build our house and to be honest, it's still not set in stone. For a few months we thought we would build a modular home. For a few months we thought we would buy a kit home. We would really love to build a dome home. We do know this, we are going to be in this camper for a long while. The good news:

My family has an opportunity to be close (and not just in close quarters!) We do everything together. We eat cook and play all in the same 10 foot radius. There isn't the choice to go to one's room and be solitary. That is a blessing that I know my family and I will cherish forever.

We are saving money. I don't know who said it, but someone once said, "You have to live like no one else now, so you can live like no one else tomorrow." Basically, stop worrying about keeping up with the Jones'. Live cheap so you can afford to be wealthy when the opportunity arises. I want a house, but I want to be out of debt more.

We always have enough. No matter how tight the budget is, as long as we pay our tithing, we always have enough. Whether that means enough food, enough clothes, or enough money for what ever project needs it, we always have enough. (p.s. I know that that last bit is redundant. That is on purpose:))

Life is good.