The Sun Study

In gardening, and in life, the sun plays a huge role in how things grow. I know this, but I have never really learned about the effects of the sun in depth.

I live in Western Washington, where the sun can be elusive. I am learning about gardening, companion planting, and permaculture design. One of the most commonly talked about elements in gardening and the like, is how important the sun is. Not a single resource that I have found though, can tell me how the sun works in my garden.

I also know that the sun can affect my mood, but again, I have never tried to find the depth of the effects in my life.

This year, I will do a photographic sun study of my garden. I hope to learn about how the sun acts on my land, where the best spots to plant different things will be, and how the sun truly affects my homestead in more than a physical way.

I am going to be putting together a kickstarter project in order to try and get a game camera of somesort that will allow me to set it up on a timer and get more regular photos. If you have any suggestions on which camera or set to get, let me know in the comments below!

Here you will find the links to my sun study posts. I hope you find them educational and inspiring!

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