Classes and Projects

As we build our homestead, we want to help others to replicate our success. Here you will find links to our posts on the ongoing projects and classes that we will be offering. You can also see a schedule of the classes and events we will be hosting at our website, We will be offering our classes at a small fee in order to help us achieve our goals. If you would like to help us with one of our projects or if you would like to attend a class, please contact us.

Thanks for your interest!


Basic Photography Class

This is going to be a 2 part class where we will discuss the different photo planning and taking techiniques, as well as how to store and use your awesome photos after you use them. Pre-Registration is required. If you are interested, please email us at

Ongoing Projects:

Click the link above to get updates on how this is going! This is going to be the first permanent structure on the property. It will house the pump and water treatment equipment, a small water heater, a washer and dryer, a real shower, a utility sink and folding counter. So EXCITING!

Spinning Straw into Gold

We are taking what we know about SPIN-Farming and Straw Bale Gardening and combining principles from each to see if we can spin straw into gold! Gold meaning, black gold, aka compost! The results are very promising!

The Fern Gully Project

The Fern Gully Project is going to be an amphitheater/classroom here at the Homestead. We hope to have our demonstrations and classes here, and maybe even host some movie nights! It's going to be awesome.

Project Bunk House

We are hoping to have a cabins and a campsite or two where people can come and stay. It will be modeled like a Bed and Breakfast. I'm pretty excited about it.

The Food Forest

Chris and I are building a food forest here at Haven Homestead. If you have questions or want to know what we are doing with this, why or whatever, please contact us!

Lindsay's Canning Room

One of the many outbuilding that we are hoping to build sometime in the future is the Canning Room. We want to have a space where we can prep food in a clean and efficient manner and store canning supplies. 

Chris' Work Shop

Chris is selling cutting boards, Warre Bee Hives and other wood crafts. I would love it if we could build him his very own work space where he can store his tools and crafts.

The House

Right now we are living in a bumper pull camper. Once we pay off our debt we will start saving our duckies in order to build our house. We want to do this debt free. Ambitious, I know!