Monday, December 16, 2013

Wanting More

I thought that I would take a moment and talk about what our goals are here on Haven Homestead.
In three words, WE WANT MORE! and not in the selfish kind of way either.

Emma and Chris reading about mushrooms. August 2013

We want to live more abundantly.

When I say that we want to live more abundantly, notice that I do not say anywhere that we want more money. That is not what this life is about. Abundance, by definition is to have a very large quantity of something. We want abundance in food, clothing, education, friends, family, and love. We can have all of these things and not be abundance in money. (It would be nice, but it's not necessary.)

We want to live more sustainably.

This Homesteading adventure is about doing things in a way that will last. We want to build a legacy that will last for generations. We plan on accomplishing this by incorporating permaculture principles in the way we manage our land, by building an earth and budget friendly home, and by living within our financial means. 
Liam and Emma feed the chickens and duck. November 2013

We want to facilitate more learning.

Chris and I love to learn. We have learned that knowledge is power and we want to get as much of it as we can. One of the best ways to learn more, is to teach. We plan on offering classes and workshops on all of the things that we do here at Haven Homestead, from canning and food preservation, to beekeeping to gardening to crafting and building. If we do it, we will host a class on it!

We want to have more security.

The hazards of our world are increasing day by day. Crime rates rise, the economy plunges, people have secret agendas to take away our freedoms... All of that hullabaloo. We want our homestead to be a haven. Here at Haven Homestead, it is important to us to have food security, financial security, and family security. Sure we have guns, (my husband is a regular ol' Idaho boy) but having ammunition stock piled is not going to save us if Chris looses his job. It's not going to save us if a natural disaster decides to encroach on our little haven. Guns can't save us if we have a rocky moment in our relationship. We have guns. We have ammunition. We know how to use them. We are also getting together a year's supply of food, 72-hour kits, and learning about and implementing sustainable gardening practices. We are getting out of debt and saving money. We are having Family Home Evenings, we go on walks, and we talk to each other. The peace of mind that we are creating through our preparedness is priceless.

Chris, Lindsay, Emma, and Liam pose for a family photo after picking out a Christmas tree. December 2013

All in All

We want to have something nice to pass on to our children. We want them to grow up knowing they are loved, knowing how to be responsible and knowing that they can do this too.