Friday, January 10, 2014

The Sun Study: Episode 1

You may have already seen my page about the Sun Study. I just want to take this time to post the first three photos. I am not specifying a date, just the beginning, middle, and end of the month, whether it was a clear day or not, and about what time of day it was.

Later this year I am going to try to do a project to see if I can get a camera, like a game camera, that I can set up outside on a timer and leave it for a week at a time. I just have to do some research on what it would cost, etc! If you have any suggestion on which camera or set up to get, let me know in the comments below! In the mean time, this is how it will go:-)

I am trying to see how the sun falls on my chosen garden spot. I am studying the affects of the sun in my garden and in my life.

The seeds that we planted in the cold frame on the first have still not had the sunlight and warmth, nor the time they need to sprout, but we are hopeful that we wont have to wait too much longer.

Right now, it has rained for three days. I haven't had much sunlight. I haven't had  much energy. I do love the rain and I prefer rain and mud to snow and ice, but today, I wish I had some sunlight.

Begining of January. Clear day @ 8am

 Begining of January. Clear Day @ 10am

Begining of January. Overcast day @ 4pm