Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Pump House Project

Earlier this year we decided that the first structure that we would build on the property would be our pump house. We have so many things to do to make this homestead a productive place. We have plans for a better chicken coop, a better rabbit hutch, and a better dog run. We have plans for an awesome garden and food forest. We have plans for the main house, the bunkhouse cabins, and more. Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming when we talk about all of the things that we have planned and the limitations that we have to deal with, but after all of our many discussions, we settled on the Pump House as the first permanent structure for the homestead.

It will contain:
  • The pump and water Treatment equipment
  • A small water heater
  • A washer and dryer
  • A small shower
  • A utility sink and counter (for folding and stuff)
I'm so excited for it that I can hardly contain myself. I just wish we had the money at once instead of having to buy things a little at a time. 

We started building right before that polar vortex hit us. We laid out the blocks just to see what it would be like. It's going to be about 8'x12' and in the picture below, it's only 8'x8'. We were just checking to see how big it would be and we had started to level the ground.

Leveling the ground with a shovel turned out to be a lot of work so we bought a tractor. His name is Trusty ('cause he's a tractor and he's rusty... Get it?!) and he came with a back blade and a 3-point platform and a disc. It can handle a bucket but we don't have one yet:)

That back blade helped us to level the ground in about 5 minutes! It was awesome. He's already pulling his weight around here and we are so excited.

Two Saturdays ago, we got the floor framed up.

And we were able to put the floor down and raise two walls on Saturday last! Right now we have an awesome tarp/plywood/2'x4' improvised roof to keep it all dry, and we are hoping to get some more done soon. I'll keep updating as it goes!