Monday, July 22, 2013

Chasing Chickens

I knew when my husband first started taking me to the Coal Creek Poultry Auction, that we would be chasing chickens at some point. That point came sooner than I expected.

At the end of June we moved onto our property. That same week, Chris was giving me a hard time about getting chickens. I said,"If you want chickens, you have to build a home for them first!" And he did. About a week after that, we were bringing home our first batch of laying hens. We bought 8 hens and 3 roosters. The two baby roosters kept getting out and it was no wonder. The hens kept pecking them! Sad to say, we lost the little roos.

After fixing the latch, the hens stayed put and now we only have to catch them if we let them out!

Here are ways to catch a chicken. Some are more successful than others:)

The Corner Method:
Step 1: Have your two year old herd the chicken towards you.
Step 2: Sandwich said chicken between yourself and the pen.
Step 3: Grasp the chicken by the body
Step 4: DON'T LET GO! (I let go. What can I say!? I was afraid she would peck me!)

The Hanger Method:
Step 1: Find a sturdy wire hanger.
Step 2: Form the hanger into a chicken catching tool (see photos: basically a long wire with a little hook at the end that is narrower than the chickens foot!)
Step 3: Use hook to catch chicken by the foot. Be careful to be quick. Once you have your chicken hooked it'll take her just about 2 seconds to figure out how to get her foot un-hooked!

The Chase:
Step 1: Chase the chickens as fast as you can and try to catch them before they run away.
Step 2: Be out maneuvered as the chickens joyfully laugh in your face and escape your clutches time after time!

I wish you luck in your chicken chasing adventures! Pray for me and mine!