Saturday, May 3, 2014

Building a New Rabbit Hutch

When we bought our rabbits last fall, we built a temporary hutch over the garden for them. It was made out of a couple of logs and a couple of poles. The roof was a tarp with some tin on top. It has been working really well, but now, it's time to build a more permanent hutch. So Here's what we built:

If you remember from one of my sketches, we are planning on putting worm bins underneath to help compost the bunny droppings. I had the idea after reading an article about rabbit droppings and then we read about it in Toby Hemenway's book, "Gaia's Garden." It was fun to make the connection. The roof will be a little different, but the idea is still the same.

 The rabbits love their new home...

This is Claire the Hare. She is the most rotund of the bunnies. She was just content to sit in the corner and watch it all happen.

This is Roxy the Rex. She was the most curious.

This is Barnaby Buck. He was sniffing around and then he was like, "I'm just gonna lay down for a minute..."

Anyways, we'll post more photos as soon as it's finished.