Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Sun Study: Episode 2

Hey there folks! Here's the second episode of The Sun Study, and possibly the last one without a video! Chris just bought me a time lapse camera! I'm so excited. This negates my need to beg on hands and knees for donations to help:) I'll tell more about the camera later. For now, here's what I've learned:

Middle of January. Foggy day @ 4pm

 Middle of January. Clear, but slightly foggy day @ 2pm(?)

Middle of January. Clear day @ 11am

Middle of January. Foggy day @ 12noon

In words, January is not a good time for sun to hit my garden.

Just the other day, my daughter said, "Mommy, why didn't the moon go to bed? It's day time!" It took me a minute to realize that she had seen the fog hiding behind a dense fog. This has been a really foggy month with more foggy days than sunny or rainy days put together.

I am feeling a little foggy myself. Somedays it's harder than others to get out of bed and I sometimes have a hard time putting together sentences. I think that I have paused writing at least six times now to gather my thoughts. I've heard that eating a lot of processed foods tends to make a person cloudy. Maybe once my garden grows, I can test this theory out for myself! 

I am excited to enter the exciting world of timelapse photography. Don't expect anything great at first, but I promise that once I get the hang of it, we will be cooking with gas!