Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spinning Straw Into Gold: The First Steps

As with any good project, the first steps should include learning everything that you can about the project, make a plan, and get started.

So far we have learned a bunch, but not everything yet (We are working on it though:)), we have a rough idea (but not a plan), and we got started this weekend.

It was an awesome day. We left in the morning with Chris driving Rowdy (our one-ton truck) and me and the kids in Syd (our Subaru Outback) to fetch some straw.

We came back with 15 bales of straw, a plastic green house, and two sleeping babies.

The kids got to ride in Rowdy and they had a ton of fun. While they were sleeping, Chris and I unloaded the straw. In the rain. 

And finally, we placed the bales. We also started conditioning the bales per Joel Karsten's instructions.
Next up: Continued conditioning, posts and wires, and then we plant our seeds!

In other news, we got our first sprouts in the little A-frame cold frame we made! I think they are raddishes... big surprise!