Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunday Walkabout: Amazing Frost Phenomenon

Every Sunday morning, Chris and I and the kids go for a little walkabout. We just take a look at the plants and the animals, and do a little survey of the land. I love this time. And every now and again, I take my camera with me.

Ever since it started freezing, I have noticed this really cool phenomenon. I noticed that there were all of these fuzzy bits on sticks and logs all around the forest. At first I thought is was a fungus, but on closer inspection, I realized  that it was ice exploding out of these sticks!

I took some really cool photographs of this phenomenon while we were out on our Sunday Walk yesterday, and I wanted to share!

I hope you enjoy!

The kids kept finding more sticks for me to photograph. I really enjoy our Sunday Walkabouts!