Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Our First Snow!

(This post has been edited to clean up some grammar, simplify the story, and make sure I wasn't too hard on Chris. He really does work hard to keep me happy.) original post 11/2013

Yesterday we had our first snow on the homestead!

The kids played in it, and it was awesome. I had to feed the animals in it, and it was awesome.  I wonder if it will help to freeze our muddy drive ways enough that we can hold off on buying more gravel until spring? Now that would be awesome. Hey, I can hope!

Winterizing the homestead has been quite the chore and most of the way, my intrepid homesteading husband has done a great job. I just have to mention one of the toughest things for me, which also happen to be a bad moment for him, so please pardon me!

This took place about a week ago. Precisely on payday, the hoses froze and we didn't have water. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but our water situation has been rigged with much genius!

 We have a well, a generator, more than 150 feet of garden hose, a 55 gallon potable water drum that my husband and his brother have suspended about 25 feet in the air,  and the fresh water tank on the camper. All of it is cleverly  rigged in such a way, that hardly ever that anything is lacking. Good job my love.

The trouble was that I have been telling Chris since July that we need to have something figured out to keep us in water so we don't have to worry about being with out water when the hoses freeze. All my loving husband could say was, "Hush up woman you don't know what you are talking about." No, that's not true. What he really said was, "It doesn't freeze here like it does in Idaho." Every time he said that, I thought, "I know it doesn't freeze like Idaho, but it still freezes, doesn't it?"

Well the hoses froze, we went to Home Depot and spent a abunch of money on things to keep things warm, and I think Chris might start listeing to me more! Hey, I can hope!