Friday, December 27, 2013

Homemade Christmas

When you move to an RV on 4.5 acres of undeveloped land and you are working so hard to get out of debt so you can build the home (and homestead!) of your dreams, the thought of spending money on over-priced toys and do-dads tends to make you shiver with dread. Never mind all the commercialism and greedy present grubbing that you see so often at this time of year. Or at least that is how we felt! 

So this year was a Homemade Christmas! And it was the best Christmas that I have had in a long time.

Here's our Christmas Tree. We made the ornaments and the stars out of paint sample cards from home Depot. The tree was one that we had from Christmas last year. We wanted to start a tradition of buying a live tree in a pot and planting it somewhere on the land. It was awesome to have it this year. The little doily was made by a lady at church. She made one for every adult woman in the ward!

I made Stockings...

For the kids, I've made these cute little magnet puzzles!

I made Chris this felted hat... See my How Not To Felt A Hat post for more details!

We also wrote letters to each other this year. That was my favorite Christmas gift!

I learned a lot about myself and about making things this Christmas.
*I love to make complicated things... or at least my plans are always more complicated than I can pull off on the first try...
*Making things was so much fun!
*My kids loved their gifts and they didn't have to cost me an arm or a leg!
*We made Christmas about being together and not about the presents and it was the best Christmas I have ever had.
*Follow the instructions.
*If at first you don't succeed, try again!

I am definitely going to have a Homemade Christmas again next year!