Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Been busy learning!

It's been a busy week at work and with life, so I'm sorry I haven't posted!

The good news is that I learned so much this week! Here's a list of what I've learned:

Emma helping Mommy roll out the tortillas.
-I found a really great sourdough resource and started cooking from it! It's called sourdough surprises... if you like sourdough, or even if you don't, check out their blog! Now I make the best tortillas in the world! Or at least in my house ;-) I'll be posting more about this tomorrow...
-I found some great websites about building websites and blogs. This one is going to get even better!
- I learned about a way to raise money for the homestead... stay tuned for more info!
- I learned about putting windows in shipping containers and about building homes out of shipping containers... we are considering this as an option for our house!
- I learned how to balance my writing with my kids and house duties a little better.
-I joined a writer's group and found out that I know more than I think I do!
- I learned how much my husband loves me (again! )
- and so much more!

Now I feel like my brain is just full to the brim. I have to figure out which things to forget so I can learn some more!
Chris Cutting a hole in the shipping container for a window. The container doubles as workshop and house storage.