Friday, January 31, 2014

I Want To Be Like These Women!

I just listened watched a Ted Talks Talk from a woman named Chimamanda Adichie. She's a Nigerian Author, and in this Ted Talks she talks about the danger of a single story.

I love her perspective on this. In her talk she talks about how it is impossible to engage with people until you engage with all of their stories.

She talks about how there is never a single story, and she says that when we realize that, we reach paradise.

I also just found a wonderful woman named Glennon Melton. Her blog and website are here. She says sort of the same thing. She wrote:

"When it comes to God and faith and religion, I have some hunches…but I only know two things to be true-
1.      I am God’s beloved child.
2.      So is everyone else."
These are truths that I use to direct my life and my relationships.
I know that this world can be a difficult place to live. Everywhere I look (especially on Facebook!) there are sad and hateful things that just drag me down. I am especially tender-hearted and I get depressed when I focus on these things. 
I am so glad that I found at least two other women who feel the same way that I do. They are powerful women who are doing their best to change the world for the better. I just hope that I can be like them some day.