Monday, January 27, 2014

Ideas, Sketches, and Dreams... How to be a Dream Achiever

When you are just a dreamer, your ideas usually stay in your head. Sometimes they make it to a notebook or a journal, but most times, your wonderful ideas and innovations just stay put in your head.

When you are a dream achiever, your dreams get drawn all over notebooks, napkins, paper scraps and anything you can get your hands on. Here'se the important part: as a dream achiever, you make a plan and take steps to achieve those dreams. Sometimes, dreams get filed away for another day, but as a dream achiever, you know that you will take them out again, and often, to remind yourself what you are working towards.

Here are some photos of our sketches and dreams. I just wanted to share with you our process. I'll start with the garden. Here is what we think we want our garden to be like...

The three half circles will be Lasagna-Style Mulch beds in a key hole shape. That shape will allow us to reach the bed from all sides and give us the most growing area:walking space ratio. The two rectangles at the kind top right side of this sketch will be more traditional shaped beds, possible for grains of some sort... and the big rectangle in the top left that is sort of labeled, that is where we would like the greenhouse to be.

We have a plan. Last fall we put in the first bed. This spring we are hoping to host a mulch gardening class to put in the other two half-circle beds. The green house will be constructed as we get the building materials, and the two rectangle beds (which are optional anyways) will be installed in the fall or next year. It all depends on how well our garden does, whether we want to put in "grain beds" or whether we need something here, or not.

As all plans go, it won't happen like we've planned. I can guarantee that. It might look a lot like this, or it might be completely different. The point is that we are working towards a goal. We keep that goal someplace we can see it, and we take steps to achieve it. That is how you become more than a dreamer!

Here are some crafts that I think would be great if we could make them, at least for ourselves and at most for others to buy to help support our Homestead. The honey dipper is my idea for a parting gift from our Bed and Breakfast, The Bunk House. The bunk beds I would like for the kids. If you are interested in buying one of these things, just let me know via my email or in the comments below!

Here's some sketches for houses that we've drawn... We like them all, but we haven't really decided what we want to do yet... I'm just going to post some photos, no explanations... I've written on the drawings, but I think they are all pretty self explanatory... If you really have questions, post a comment below and I'd love to share:)